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Meet Daniel

Daniel is a Colorado native born and raised in Glendale. His parents moved to America 10 years before he was born and purchased their first home shortly after. 40 years later, they still live in the same home. When Daniel was old enough to pedal a bike, he would ride up and down the Cherry Creek Bike path, through the abandoned field where Mir park now sits. His first job was at a pizza place in Glendale, they have long since left and he is here to fill the void now crafting your delicious pizza and other menu creations from Pie Society. Daniel is a resident of Virginia Village, still a lover of all things with two wheels and you can regularly find Daniel riding his bike to work.

Meet Andy

Andy was born and raised in park hill. When Andy was young and could read he’d get a free pizza each month for doing his reading. In third grade his class was studying bread and he made pizza for his classmates and their parents, after visiting a well-known pizzeria and being taken into their kitchen to see what their secret ingredient was. When he was in his teens he moved to hilltop, and has worked in the pizza industry in Denver and Glendale since he was 16. Andy is the General manager of Pie Society and will be responsible for crafting some of the delicious signature recipes on Pie Society’s menu