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Meet the Owners

Colorado Native, Stephanie Vitulli and Chicago native, Paul Vitulli are the husband and wife team behind the Vitulli Estates brand.  Steph and Paolo’s shared passion for culture, cooking, and creativity (along with a batch of homemade limoncello) inspired them to create the Steph+Paolo web series and launch Vitulli Estates, LLC in 2015.  Whether they are sharing a classic Italian recipe or offering a new take on an old favorite, the Vitullis take the mystery out of the kitchen to show how easy, delicious, and enjoyable making a home cooked meal can be.  The Vitullis believe that families around the world are much more alike than they are different, and there is nothing as universal as sitting down to a meal with family and friends. With the recent acquisition of Pie Society Pizza, they plan to preserve this neighborhood staple while adding new and delicious options to the old favorites currently offered.